After many doctor appointments, first opinions and second opinions we grew despondent at being told that our little girl might be lost to autism.  We knew however that there must be a better way to understand and resolve her condition.  Susie has been absolutely magnificent in the insights she has provided through tests and treat and treatment of our little Sophia.

The dietary and supplement recommendations when executed with consistency has really made an impact in Sophia’s ability to focus at school (noticed by her teachers) and her ability to engage with all members of the family.

Thank you Susie for helping to bring back our little girl!  The treatment is still ongoing and we are fully confident that it will only get better as we adhere to the recommendations given.


Susie has dramatically changed my life, not once, but twice over the last 3 years!  Firstly as a psoriasis sufferer, and secondly, by spotting, testing and proving a glandular/hormone disorder.

I’m now psoriasis free, and the Endocrinologist agreed with Susie’s diagnosis and its now being treated.  I’ve lost weight, gained energy, improved my concentration, patience and mood, completely cleared an awful skin condition and kicked myself back into a healthy diet and fitness program which I stick to out of pure happiness and not a fear of poor health.

If you’re reading this, I promise you, a better life is just around the corner.