Working with Susie is great and has been a wonderful experience.  I came to see Susie a few months ago for myself and my son.  I have always suffered chronic sinusitis from time to time and was feeling burnt out and tired all the time.  My 5 year old son is very skinny, doesn’t sleep well and has difficulty putting on weight despite having a good appetite.  After a few tests and detailed explanation, we found out both my son and myself were highly intolerant to wheat, dairy and eggs.  A few of the vital minerals were also very low.  Susie immediately drew up a detailed nutritional plan for us, which included vitamins and minerals, as well as recipes for the new diet plan.  The results have been amazing, and I’ve seen a big improvement in my son’s quality of life.  He is sleeping better, more energised and doesn’t fall sick so often.

Susie has a gift of helping people, and she is able to assist in creating a sustainable and healthy lifestyle, not just about “designing a diet”.  Her nutritional knowledge is exceptional and she provides the best advice and treatment during every visit.

Susie is also very generous in sharing with us her many recipes that are nutritious and more importantly easy to make and taste good.  Given the rather restrictive diet to cut out gluten, dairy and eggs, she has been most helpful in helping us come with up with innovative ideas for school snacks and meals.  I highly recommend Susie as a nutritionist and to anyone who is looking to improve their health and quality of life.  Thank you Susie, you have made a big difference to our lives.

I highly recommend Susie Rucker as a nutritionist.  She is very knowledgeable and listens to you and tries to find what will work for you in your lifestyle and with your food preferences.  After many years of struggling with my weight, and even bigger problems after I had my second baby (none of the extra gained kilo’s would go and I was constantly tired) while eating quite healthy and working out regularly bit, it was a relief to find out that it had to do with issues in my digestion that had spiraled down to a very slow state due to many reasons.

Over the period of a year we did a slow reset (detox) of my digestion, and Susie relentlessly tried to figure out what was not working well and adjusted the approach throughout the year.  We found ways to embed my lifestyle (many business dinners, flights etc.) into my diet and to help my body to recover from these impactful events.  Over the period of a year I lost a lot of weight (>20% of my weight), felt much more energetic, my skin improved and I just feel much healthier.

She helped me to make some simple tweaks in my diets, and I never really felt being on a diet, just eating in a different way.  Her knowledge has given me a lot of insight in the type of food we eat and should eat.  She gives good recommendations for resources to food and supplements.

I first approached Susie after I was diagnosed with my third autoimmune disorder (Hashimoto’s Disease) in September 2011.  She listened carefully and thoughtfully to the description of my health concerns.  Her knowledge of nutrition and it’s impact on human health is deep and authentic.  She is a consummate professional who took the time to explain her diagnosis and the steps I needed to take to change the way I was feeling – physically, emotionally.  I made the changes she recommended, followed her nutritional advice and my life restored itself.  I continue to follow Susie’s recommendations and as a result, I feel better than I have in years.  I would recommend Susie for any ailment and/or changes one would like to adopt in their lives.  The depth of her knowledge and passion for making people better resonates through every consultation she does.  On top of her fantastic advice and her understanding of the human body, she has delicious recipes and suggestions for things to create in your kitchen!!  Overall, Susie leaves a long-lasting impression on all of her clients.

I highly recommend Susie to anyone who is looking to really improve their health.  When my 4 yr old was diagnosed with celiacs disease this year, we were in desperate need of nutritional advice.  My daughter was presenting with extreme irritability.  We knew we needed to do more than the standard gluten free diet, but didn’t know where to start.  Susie worked so quickly to get us on the right supplements, do the right testing (food intolerance, stool and hair test), and make the appropriate diet changes.  Removing gluten did help with my daughter’s symptoms, but the real improvements came later with supplements, more whole foods, & an elimination diet.  The changes have been dramatic.  I never would have guessed that diet and supplements could make such a huge change in a child’s happiness.  When we started seeing Susie, we knew we had 1 celiac child, but didn’t know that her two sisters also had food intolerances and intestinal inflammation. Susie has encouraged us from the beginning to treat the whole family, and as a result we are all getting healthier.

Susie is extremely knowledgeable about nutrients and biochemistry – much more than most of the mainstream doctors we have seen in the past.  She can often predict a diagnosis and suggest an appropriate remedy prior to seeing test results.  Her technical competence and gentle approach have a profound calming effect on me.  Susie is an excellent listener and very patient with her clients.  I am always so much more relaxed after a session with Susie.

Susie really cares about her patients and will often check-in via email to see how we are doing.  She often sends recipes or supplement suggestions that she thinks would benefit us.  I really don’t know what we have done without Susie this year, and hate to think about what we will so someday when we return to the US!  Thank you so much Susie for all you have done for our family!


I booked in to see Susie on recommendation from a friend.  I had been sick with mycoplasma on and off again for months.  I knew it had done my stomach and body no favours but was really at a loss of how to fix it the issues post so many rounds of antibiotics.  I was in a constant state of fatigue – waking up most mornings feeling jet-lagged.  I had done a few things to help myself like a cleanse, more sleep and a healthy diet.  When I went to Susie I had lost patience with not winning against the fatigue.

What I respected most about Susie’s approach was how methodical and systematic she was in getting to the root cause.  Her approach had science behind it and her testing and research nailed the underlying issue causing my fatigue.  She got my on the right track to mend myself and was very forthcoming with useful tips, recipes and encouragement.  I am very grateful for her approach and follow up which sees me now waking refreshed in the morning!