Going to Susie was the best decision I’ve made in a while. I’ve been having issues with my thyroid (hashimoto’s) for the last couple of years and the conventional medical system had nothing to offer to help. It’s only been a couple of months since I first met with Susie and after some testing and implementing her suggestions I have already felt the fatigue lifting and myself feeling happier and closer to how I was feeling when I was in my early 20s. I’m sure I have still way to go but I am extremely positive for the future!

I can’t thank you enough for ending years of so called IBS symptoms, fobbed off by GPs numerous times, told to ‘lower my stress levels’ and left to struggle on. I’m so glad that I decided to do the lab tests with you, and I wish I had known about this sooner. Finding out that I had H-pylori bacteria as the cause of these aggravations, that were in fact stomach ulcers was a revelation. As predicted by you, my GP prescribed 2 lots of antibiotics, but I am incredibly grateful that you were able to eradicate the H-pylori without using this strong antibiotic treatment (my GP was also thrilled as H-pylori is building up antibiotic resistance!). It’s been an amazing life-changing treatment for which I am eternally grateful. The other aspects of your treatment plan have also boosted my immune system, successfully eradicated mouth ulcers and other minor health niggles that the GP could not, which has also been life changing. I wish that everyone had access to your expertise!

Thanks to Susie we found that my 7 year old son had two parasites that were starving him of vitamins and minerals, since we have treated him with the recommended supplements he has not had one day of school. Being rewarded with 100% attendance badges has made him very happy.

I suffer with bad allergies and eczema, Susie’s suggestion of cutting my carb intake along with various supplements has meant I’ve made a substantial leap in my skins well-being, having less severe flare ups.

As you have read Susie has really helped us as a family, so we would thoroughly recommend her, she has a very cheerful approach which helps put you at ease.

Thank you for getting my boy back from the brink of his OCD journey this year. We were slow to spot the signs of his initial descent as our usually engaged, happy child became slowly drawn into illness; unable to get to sleep bedtimes became a battleground, with a reduced appetite he became an even more fussy eater, he became increasingly irritable and anxious, refused playdates and parties, stopped playing lego or drawing, struggled with focusing on homework and was impacted with violent meltdowns after school. This descent continued over several months with trouble getting dressed, out of the house, getting to school, coupled with hand washing, contamination fears, sensory issues spiralling out of control with smell, touch and sounds bothering him to such a degree that he became incredibly distressed. All these symptoms took hold over the course of about 9 months but we didn’t see clearly at the time as our lives slowly reduced to holding it together from one day to the next. We are forever grateful that you were able to offer us solutions at a time when we didn’t know there were any. Luckily thanks to your intervention with thorough testing and a bespoke treatment plan, you were able to turn him around and within 6 weeks we were seeing an improvement in his symptoms lessening their grip. Within 3 months he could rebuff the intrusive thoughts and start to eat again, and after 6 months he was totally free – free from all of the symptoms that had shackled and plagued him – it was an absolute delight to have our son back to full health. (We had a CAMHS referral made at the beginning of the year but by the time they rang to offer us an appointment he had recovered!) We can’t thank you enough for saving him from what would have been a very difficult future had we not benefited from your incredible expertise and understanding of the gut-brain links. Thank you!

Without your help our teenage son would still be grappling with Anorexia. I still can’t quite fathom how our healthy, active, vibrant child (he was our best eater!) fell into having Anorexic thoughts, other than that it followed a period of tummy aches and cramps that lingered on after he had a vomiting and diarrhoea bug last year. He was not putting on weight despite eating well. At some point the anorexic thoughts kicked in (CAMHS Eating Disorder unit told us about the Minnesota Starvation Study which explains that weight loss creates this onset) and then it became obvious to us that he was very ill when he lost a lot of weight in a short space of time. Needless to say this was a frightening time for any parent. Incredibly you were able to tap into his gut issues straight away with a range of different tests that helped right his tummy and the rest is history. His recovery was so swift that I wouldn’t hesitate to call it miraculous. He didn’t look back once your treatment plan was underway, and he was able to put weight on at a steady pace again, regaining his health and being free of the intrusive thoughts within 6 months. Your knowledgable guidance and support throughout has been a life raft for us all.

Susie has been our nutritionist for three years. She has helped both my husband and I, but on a very regular basis she has helped our five and a half year old son. Our son would not be healthy, thriving and growing without her help. We are grateful for her experience, expertise, dedication, patience, empathy and understanding. We highly recommend Susie to anyone, but especially to families who have children who are failing to thrive for whatever reason. Our son contracted MRSA and after this he refused to eat. Susie has helped us support our son by ensuring that he is getting the nutrients he needs through food powders and an extensive array of supplements. Susie uses gut tests to check for parasites, harmful bacteria, mineral and vitamin levels and gut flora. Through these results she has made sure that our son is getting the correct supplements and help he needs. She has also done the same for my husband and I and has also provided food recipes and eating plans for us to follow over the years. Susie has an amazing amount of knowledge and she is totally dedicated to finding the right nutrition and supplements to help. She is extremely creative in her approach especially when faced with children who refuse to eat and she does not give up on finding a way to help. Susie is very responsive, willing to talk or email at short notice and help in any way she can. We left the UK and live in another country now and the level of care and service she has provided us is still the same – outstanding. No time zone stops Susie from being on call to help. She really is practically one of the family.